About Us

Why “Nirvanaa” – Learn its true meaning.

A transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. It represents the final goal of peace attainment.

Nirvana is synonymous with moksha and mukti. It is asserted to be a state of perfect quietude, freedom, highest happiness along with it being the liberation from samsara, the repeating cycle of birth, life and death.

Some say, Nirvana or Moksha can be attained through a state of complete solitude. But that is not always considered to be in true sense. The attainment of Nirvana – The state of true peace can be found by coming to terms in true sense to your inner self.

Moksha also means “liberation, freedom and emancipation of the soul”.

The true meaning of Nirvana is different in each of the cultures. Nirvana also considers to be a safe haven to all, but difficult of approach, where there is no old age or death neither pain nor disease. For a complete view, it is a safe, happy and quite place which persons with great wisdom attain.

The quality of paper we have to offer, in turn brings us to the concept of – Nirvanaa.

Both put together, just makes complete sense!

A question maybe? – How is Our Product Different?

To answer that, let me remind you first of the – Bleached and Unbleached – products I spoke of. And now, keeping that in mind, our product is 100% UNBLEACHED.

The products we introduce include unrefined, unbleached wood pulp and pure hemp – Resulting in 100% Pure Organic Experience. Our paper in turn, burns much slower than the rest pleasuring you with a complete content to your smoking experience. No added flavors which in turn keeps the basic aroma to your stash intact, neither do you consume toxins – thus not harming yourself or the environment! For the better, it does not give away any poisonous fumes.

The glue used to alas roll yourself a perfect joint as well is 100% natural. Naturally extracted Honey Glue is used as an adhesive on the papers which again play no effect to the natural flavor of the herb.

An east tip to tell the amount of chemicals in your brand of paper : The more ash your paper lets out, the more the chemicals added on to them!

At Nirvana, we take our product very seriously. From the feel of our paper to the taste of our gum, everything has been hand selected and tested time and again to ensure that our customers get the best smoking experience possible.

Let’s talk appearance!

As the saying goes, “Don’t judge the book by its cover” – But it just doesn’t apply to us!

The packaging in itself is out of this world beautiful! – The women mean a lot to us 🙂

Also, it has a little magnetic strip that doesn’t ruin the texture of the paper – and we also leave you an option to reuse the same since we’ve made the packaging a lot more durable.

We have 3 different styles of packaging to offer complete convenience.

The first one is packaged size XL – This doesn’t just include your paper, also has an equal amount of roach material to make your life simpler! – So, you don’t have to compromise the top of your cigarette boxes anymore 😉

Next one is Size Regular – This one is Pocket Friendly – Doesn’t include your roaches though! No difference in quality (Just saying)

The last one are Pre-Rolled Cones – Because we just choose to make the lazy lives even more lazier! 😀

And these papers we offer, are available in both, White and Brown – Also, like I mentioned earlier – They are 100% natural – I can vouch for it!

So let’s begin in getting you a much better and Chemical free experience, starting now.

Until then – Stay Classy, Stay Happy!